2005 NEW YORK Gathering
Notes on the Woodlanders Warwick Gathering 05

View from road to Campground at Warwick Center.

There are several ways to enjoy the Gathering. There are planned on-site events, workshops and demonstrations. There are planned off-site trips and visits which have a different rhythm and impact than the on-site activities; and finally there are the spontaneous and synergistic exchanges which we all wait for. There are many people coming to the Gathering who are not scheduled into anything, but who are sources of information and magic; So there are times and places left open for these synchronistic events. There is a website link for anyone coming to the Gathering so we can get to know something about each other ahead of time. So send in your websites or we can give you room on ours.

Regarding Fees: All workshops and demonstrations are open to anyone. You are welcome to sit-in and watch and take notes on any workshop as part of your basic registration. But, if you want to actually make something (a bench, trellis, scarf), there might be a material fee for the raw materials or the materials prepared before the workshop. These hands-ons workshops are indicated by a fee.


2-6 Set-Up EARLY CHECK-IN and First Gathering of materials: local saplings and driftwood

6-7 Set-up of Rustic Showcase in Carriage Path Gallery, Village of Warwick. Works by Miani Carnavale, Eric Bunn, Daniel Mack, Bill Olendorf, Kim Vergil, Janet Fatta, Karen Decher, A, Ginger Schmidt, Kaete Britten Shaw and others

7 on KICK-OFF POT LUCK Campfire Meal back at Campsite

CAMPFIRE SHARE/BRAG TIME: Pictures, portfolios and samples of work, including Elizabeth Grady's Hands Quilt.


7:30-9:00 AM : CHECK-IN & COFFEE

Ongoing All Days:

TREE LOOMS: Add found or brought materials to the looms throughout the Camp. This never quite happened this year

RUSTIC TOOLS/MATERIALS SWAP: Bring material or tools you want to swap with others. From the energy and material of Rob Gorrell, a vital "take it and leave It Swap happened all weekend. There were bones, stones, feathers, logs, pelts, pinecones, buttons, cloth, vines, driftwood, walnut and butternut slabs... As Julie Kimma said." It was the center, the anchor of the Gathering", literally and otherwise.

BARN-RAISING : Join Lou Fatta as he builds a studio with traditional low cost pole barn construction. Lou is about to put the roof on tomorrow 8/30...7 inches higher than planned.

DEBRIS HUTS : Build simple and simpler shelters from found materials Amy Millios. One beautiful, elusive shelter was hidden in plain site in the roots of a fallen tree along a dry stream bed. Some people found it. Others walked right by.

7:30-8 MORNING RITUAL: with Madeline Thompson

8-9 WOODS WALK/ MATERIALS HUNTING & GATHERING: for those in the Fence, Trellis and Bench workshops. This is an opportunity to go into the woods to identify and explore.

8-9 Physical Theater Workshop/ Hortense Gerardo

9-11:30 THE SPIRIT OF WOODLANDERS/ time to get to know the tribe. Everybody who wants to gets a chance to introduce themselves. Here's that Kenneth Koch poem that I thought spoke to the slightly unknowable quality of being rustic:

One Train May Hide Another

(sign at a railroad crossing in Kenya)

In a poem, one line may hide another line,
As at a crossing, one train may hide another train.
That is, if you are waiting to cross
The tracks, wait to do it for one moment at
Least after the first train is gone. And so when you read
Wait until you have read the next line;
Then it is safe to go on reading.
In a family one sister may conceal another,
So, when you are courting, it's best to have them all in view
Otherwise in coming to find one you may love another.
One father or one brother may hide the man,
If you are a woman, whom you have been waiting to love.
So always standing in front of something the other
As words stand in front of objects, feelings, and ideas.
One wish may hide another. And one person's reputation may hide
The reputation of another. One dog may conceal another
On a lawn, so if you escape the first one you're not necessarily safe;
One lilac may hide another and then a lot of lilacs and on the Appia
Antica one tomb
May hide a number of other tombs. In love, one reproach may hide another,
One small complaint may hide a great one.
One injustice may hide another;one colonial may hide another,
One blaring red uniform another, and another, a whole column. One bath may hide another bath
As when, after bathing, one walks out into the rain.
One idea may hide another: Life is simple
Hide Life is incredibly complex, as in the prose of Gertrude Stein
One sentence hides another and is another as well. And in the laboratory
One invention may hide another invention,
One evening may hide another, one shadow, a nest of shadows.
One dark red, or one blue, or one purple ;this is a painting
By someone after Matisse. One waits at the tracks until they pass,
These hidden doubles or, sometimes, likenesses. One identical twin
May hide the other. And there may be even more in there! The obstetrician
Gazes at the Valley of the Var. We used to live there, my wife and I, but
One life hid another life. And now she is gone and I am here.
A vivacious mother hides a gawky daughter. The daughter hides
Her own vivacious daughter in turn. They are in
A railway station and the daughter is holding a bag
Bigger than her mother's bag and successfully hides it.
In offering to pick up the daughter's bag one finds oneself confronted
by the mother's
And has to carry that one, too. So one hitchhiker
May deliberately hide another and one cup of coffee
Another, too, until one is over-excited. One love may hide another love
or the same love
As when "I love you" suddenly rings false and one discovers
The better love lingering behind, as when "I'm full of doubts"
Hides "I'm certain about something and it is that"
And one dream may hide another as is well known, always, too. In the
Garden of Eden
Adam and Eve may hide the real Adam and Eve.
Jerusalem may hide another Jerusalem.
When you come to something, stop to let it pass
So you can see what else is there. At home, no matter where,
Internal tracks pose dangers, too: one memory
Certainly hides another, that being what memory is all about,
The eternal reverse succession of contemplated entities. Reading
A Sentimental Journey look around
When you have finished, for Tristram Shandy, to see
If it is standing there, it should be, stronger
And more profound and theretofore hidden as Santa Maria Maggiore
May be hidden by similar churches inside Rome. One sidewalk
May hide another, as when you're asleep there, and
One song hide another song; a pounding upstairs
Hide the beating of drums. One friend may hide another, you sit at the
foot of a tree
With one and when you get up to leave there is another
Whom you'd have preferred to talk to all along. One teacher,
One doctor, one ecstasy, one illness, one woman, one man
May hide another. Pause to let the first one pass.
You think, Now it is safe to cross and you are hit by the next one. It
can be important
To have waited at least a moment to see what was already there.

11:30-1 LUNCH: Various Wraps for $4. Drinks & chips available.

12:15 -1:30 LUNCH SESSION: TOOLS & TECHNIQUES OF RUSTIC BUILDING with Dan Mack. Dan introduces his "panel method" of building as he makes a small chair... and demonstrates how he carves bark he finds in the Husdon River

1:30-3:30 INTRODUCTION TO HYPERTUFA PLANTERS and SCULPTURE / Laraine Howard $10 Bring dishwashing gloves for mixing

1:30-3:30 BUILDING A SLAB BENCH / John Fuchs : $28

1:30-3:30 MAKING A WILLOW LANTERN with Bonnie Gale. $25.

3:30-5:30 NATIVE AMERICAN DRUM MAKING with Deborah Joyce $60

4-6 MAKING A WILLOW SPOON BASKET with Bonnie Gale. $22 for materials

3:30-4:30 INTRODUCTION TO Sustainable Living/Jessica Lawlor, dula, midwife, farmer

4:30-6 INTRODUCTION TO BASIC WOODWORKING TOOLS/ Bill Olendorf. Learn about basic drills, bits, screws and saws. A primer for people who forgot... or never knew about such tools.

4:30-6 DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY / Adam Kurtz. Introduction and update by this local professional.

4- 7 STUDIO TOURS Sugar Loaf, Pacem in Terris, Special Gardens, Lou Fatta Pole Barn Studio. In the morning, Dan will offer a wide selection of places you can go.

6-8PM Pot Luck Dinner at campground totally unorganized... hundreds of carrots or a side of Beef??? The two Pot Luck meals were an amazing testimony to accident, coincidence and generosity. There was just lots of wonderful food...

6:30-8 RUSTIC SHOWCASE & SALE at Gallery in Warwick, NY An "opening" .... refreshments courtesy of Penny Steyer of Penra Liquors and Bobolink Farms. Thank you

8-8:30 "Sacred Native American Sites in Orange County by Jim Palmer A graphic convincing presentation on the many hundreds of Lenapi (Delaware) Indian sites around orange County, from the time when there were as many Lenapi living here as there are people today... read that last sentence again, please. Evidence includes chambers, altars, cairns, donation rocks and more.

9-10 BONFIRE with Entertainment - The band RANK STRANGERS - music that is olde tymey, traditional folk and bluegrass and a fire dance by Jesscia Lawlor as the wood and fire spirits move


7:30-9:00 AM :: CHECK-IN & COFFEE

Ongoing All Days (see FRIDAY list)

7:30- 8 MORNING RITUAL: Learn, Share yours with Madeline Thompson

8-9 WOODS WALK/ MATERIALS HUNTING & GATHERING: for those in the Fence, Trellis and Bench workshops. This is an opportunity to go into the woods to identify and explore.

9:30-1 HIKE into HISTORY: Guided Hike to Native American sites on Sugarloaf Mountain/ Jim Palmer

9-4:30 WOODCARVING FOR BEGINNERS & INTERMEDIATES/ Eric Bunn $25 materials ALL DAY Event... Carve a Green Man in Bass Wood

9-4 ANDY GARDNER All-Day Willow Chair Building Andy's alternator went and he sent regrets.

9-11:30 MAKING AN ADIRONDACK STYLE MIRROR with birch bark / Bonnie Gale $28 Many beautiful creations were made.

9-11 INTRODUCTION TO HYPERTUFA / Laraine Howard $10

9-12 LIVING WILLOW FENCE BUILDING Kim Vergil Kim and eight people went to the only willow patch I could find... in the wet area at the Bruderhof Campus and cut and made a 8 foot living fence at the end of the Nature Walk. It's available to be seen and visited!

10-11:30 WILLOW GARDEN GATE or TRELLIS/John Fuchs: $15 John spent hours with people designing and teaching and helping to build great gates and trellisses. A rustic hero!

11:30-1 LUNCH Available at Camp Site

12:-1:30 LUNCH SESSION: DOING BUSINESS & MARKETING / Dan Mack We ate and mumbled about something...

1:30-3 MEDICINE WHEEL - Philosophy and workshop / David Weiner. We talked about the basic concepts of medicine wheel, created one and then perfomed a simple ritual and could see, as individuals, where we were in our lives on many layers.

1:30-3 GINKO: a Haiku event with poet Paul Kane. Five of us walked the woods for a 20 minutes, paying attention to both what we noticed and how we felt... "Attention out and in. Include a seasonal reference; Make a statement and a reflection." We used these notes as the basis of several 17 syllable 3 line poems that we then wrote and shared.

Here're some. I'll add more as I get them:

yellow leaf falling
signals darkest seasons dread
soft white is near

Stands of IronWood
Strong supple arms hold tight
So, so far away

white blazes on trees
making clear the path to follow
confusion arrives

Three women stopping
ask, "Is this the haiku class?"
Regret is One Way.

Cicadas playing
the instrument of themselves:
what sounds do we make?

Tree vine tangling down
loops back encircling itself:
the mind reflecting.

Cicada warns us
Dying hemlock not yet dead
Ouch! It poked my eye.

Fresh cut wide stream bed
rocks now bask in summer sun
old pleasure, long wait

1:30-3 STUDIO TOURS Sugar Loaf, Pacem in Terris, Special Gardens, Lou Fatta Pole Barn Studio

3-5 WRITING FOR RUSTICS/ Dan Mack Just making isn't enough. We have to be able to talk and write about our work and our selves. Dan reviews public speaking and writing skills. There are exercises to try. At Bruderhof Campus

3-4:30 ORGANIC FARMING/Invasives In the Garden/ Adam Hamer at The Bruderhof Campus

3-4:30 RUSTIC PLAY: Making Boats with Judd Weisberg, others at the Pond and Nature Walk at the Bellvale Bruderhof Community, Chester, NY (about 15 minutes from the Warwick Center Camp) We're getting scrap pine from the local sawmill and making sails from bits of cloth and birch bark. A remarkable event with almost 200 people involved!

5- 5:30 Dance performance by Hortense Gerardo's Woodlanders Physical Theatre Group.Three pieces were choreographed for that day:

"Wild Geese" (in the spirit of the Mary Oliver poem)

"Procession" (with found objects as puppets)

"Embraceable Me" (polaroid snapshots of a day in the life)

5:30-7 PICNIC Dinner at the Bruderhof Community /$6

7-8 Kim Vergil Presentation of Natural Fences

8:00 Sunset BOAT LAUNCH on Pond at Bruderhof and memorial for Rebecca Traconis, a Woodlander who died in the last year

9 Campfire songs and visiting with the Bruderhof


7:30- 8 MORNING RITUAL: Learn hers, Share yours with Madeline Thompson

8-9 HERBAL WALK: Adam Hamer -organic farmer

9 Closing Comments by Dan Mack... including this poem by Mary Oliver from her book Dream Work:

Wild Geese

You do not have to be good.
You do not have to walk on your knees
for a hundred miles through the desert, repenting.
You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.
Tell me about despair, yours, and I will tell you mine.
Meanwhile the world goes on.
Meanwhile the sun and the clear pebbles of the rain
are moving across the landscapes,
over the prairies and deep trees,
the mountains and the rivers.
Meanwhile the wild geese, high in the clean blue air
are heading home again.
Whoever you are, no matter how lonely,
the world offers itself to your imagination,
calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting--
over and over announcing your place
in the family of things.


9-10:30 FIELD TRIP TO WILLIAM BROWN GOURD FARM See the growing and drying of gourds and Will's gourd carving work.

9-12 TEACHING BASKET WEAVING AND RUSTIC PROJECTS IN THE SCHOOLS AND TO OTHER GROUPS - participants will make at least three woven projects with the emphasis teaching to diverse groups with Bonnie Gale $ 25

10:30-12 WILLOW GARDEN GATE or TRELLIS/John Fuchs: attractive trellis for your garden $15

10:30-12 SEAT WEAVING: Shaker Tape and Natural materials/Bill Olendorf $28

10:30-12 INTRODUCTION TO SUMI-E Christina DiMarco

11 Silent Auction closes. Thank you all


12-1:30 PICNIC LUNCH at DAN MACK's home

1:30-3 STUDIO TOURS Sugar Loaf, Pacem in Terris , Special Gardens, Lou Fatta Pole Barn Studio

1:30-3 Rustic Shop Intensive/Studio Visit at DAN MACK's Warwick Studio

1:30-3 WILLOW GARDEN GATE or TRELLIS/John Fuchs: $15 at Dan Mack Studio

2:30-4 SLIDE TALKS: DAN MACK ON The Breadth of Rustic Work and a closing slide talk on the spiritual and personal nature of rustic work.

4-5 Group Begging Janet Fatta to organize this again.

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